Month: January 2011


On Cutlery

I’ve mentioned before that I’m quite OCD. This means that little things in every day life really, really annoy me and I have to put them right whilst cursing the person who has done it wrong. One of the things that drives me up the wall in my day to day life is Cutlery, or […]

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops
Gun Game

On Call Of Duty

Of all the FPS games out there, Call Of Duty is by far my favourite. Not that’s I’m all that great at it but I enjoy trying to be. I came into COD later than most; the first one I played a lot was World At War, which is widely considered to be one of […]

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Dating websites
mail order bride
where do the women come from?

On Dating Websites

Recently the number of adverts I’m seeing for Dating Websites is getting higher and higher. For the most part, the adverts are the usual crap: Various couples, usually ethnically diverse, partaking in some light sailing or a piggy-back ride through a wood, whilst a female Voice Over gives us dubious statistics about the success of […]

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how long should a blog post be?
Lowering my standards
writers block

On Lowering My Standards

Hi All and a Merry 2011! So, FWF has been on hiatus whilst I tried to get through my writers block and some other stuff. One of the main problems I’ve been having is that I feel the need to write long pieces and if I can’t write at least a couple thousand words on […]

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