On Call Of Duty

Of all the FPS games out there, Call Of Duty is by far my favourite. Not that’s I’m all that great at it but I enjoy trying to be.

I came into COD later than most; the first one I played a lot was World At War, which is widely considered to be one of the worst by most hardcore COD players. Regardless of your opinion of WAW, it got me hooked and I played the shit out of Modern Warfare II and, more recently, I’ve played a lot of Black Ops.

What I really want to talk about is one of the new features they brought in with Black Ops.
As well as the usual games, like HQ and Ground War, they have also brought in a whole new set of games where you bet Credits and the top 3 players get a pay-out.

There’s a few of these new Wager Matches but I generally play Gun Game.

In Gun Game, you start with a Python Revolver and advance to the next gun with each kill. The guns get progressively better and then progressively harder to use. You start with the Python, then double pistols, then you move through a couple of shotguns, a few machine guns and eventually a couple of different sniper rifles and onto rocket launchers. The last two weapons are a crossbow with explosive arrows and then, finally, a ballistics knife, which is a knife you fire out of the handle at opponents. The winner is the first person to get a kill with all 20 weapons or the one on the highest weapon when the time runs out.

In Gun Game, it is also possible to demote people to their previous weapon by humiliating them. Humiliation is when you stab them with your combat knife but it’s not really beneficial for the stabber as you don’t advance in level unless you kill with your gun.

Yet you get some dickless wonders that just run around stabbing people! They’re gaining nothing except the hatred of the other players. I just cannot fathom why people do it! If you aren’t going to play properly then why not just fuck off and play something else? I know it’s just a game but it is really fucking annoying when you’ve finally managed to get past the bloody Sniper Rifles, which are a nightmare as the levels are kept small, due to only having six players per game, and then some fucking ass clown stabs you and demotes you back down again.
Invariably, you then can’t seem to get a kill and end up stuck on a shitty gun and loosing the game.

So this is a message for all those utter wankers who run around in Gun Game stabbing people:

How about you go die in a fire? kthnxbye.

2 thoughts on “On Call Of Duty

  1. Aww I love stabbing people, I'm renowned for it. There's nothing better than wiping the snirk of some 14 year olds face when he thinks he's about to win..

    Yes I'm made happy by ruining other peoples day..

    I'm also planning on a career change to traffic warden 🙂

  2. It's kinda fair enough to occasionally stab someone, especially if they're about to win or appear in front of you whilst you have a rocket launcher. That's not what I'm on about.
    I mean the dicks who just stab people and make no effort to actually play the game properly.

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