Month: July 2010

chain mail

On the idiocy of Internet Users

People are fucking idiots. Hurr durr! We know this to be true and the proof of it is most prevalent online. Although there are myriad examples, I am going to concentrate on the ones that most annoy me. The first real incarnations were those emails we all used to get that said something like: “Little […]

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lazy bastards

Why you are entitled to exactly dick

We have a huge problem in the UK. Lazy fucking bastards.They’re everywhere. Our economy is straining under the weight of their idle bodies. Let me explain… In the UK, our government is quite happy to pay able-bodied people to sit at home and do nothing. We call it The Dole. People finish school, after putting […]

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Fuck Sky
Reality TV is like cancer
This article is totally filler

Sky just totally ruined my day.

I just found out that those utter cunts over at Sky “have no plans to show the new series of Futurama [in the UK] at the moment. The decision is yet to be made.” What. The. Fucking. Fuck! That is so utterly un-cool that I can’t even get my vitriol together to rail at it. […]

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I have issues
my brain hates me

Zero to Panic: My brain is a dick.

I am a panicker. There is a very real chance that I am either insane or the subject of a life-long hate campaign by my brain and this means my brain likes to fuck with me as much as possible.Over the 20+ year relationship I’ve had with my mutinous grey matter it has learnt that […]

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On religion and my lack thereof

Author’s Note: I will start by saying this is not going to be a wholesale attack on Religion. Although those who know me will know that I have a habit of getting over-zealous in religious debates, I do not intend to do that here. In saying that, I will also state that I think religion […]

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