Month: September 2010

greasy lawyers
Helath and Safety

On Health and Safety

One day Common Sense was walking down the road, minding his own business, maybe thinking about what he was going to have for dinner when WHAM! He’s down and bleeding, head split open from ear to ear. He rolls onto his back and looks into the face of his assailants and there, standing over him, […]

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Shaggy Dog Story
The Noise

The Tale Of The Noise

There was once a high powered banker who became disillusioned with the cash-hungry, soul-sapping world he was living in. He decided he wanted to get away from it all and return to his real passion: Art. So, one day he quit his job, pulled his dusty painting paraphernalia out of the attic and set out […]

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Political Correctness

On Censorship and Political Correctness

Censorship and Political Correctness are invading all our lives. They’re everywhere and have now gone so far beyond the realms of sanity that they have ceased to be useful and have actually started to offend a lot of people. Ironic, eh? It has got to the point now where they force kids in school to […]

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