Month: March 2013

reddit saps your life. Do not go there

How I spent 2011/2012

So, you may have noticed that I didn’t post very much last year. I don’t have any good reasons for why not but I thought I would catch you up on my life. So act as if you give a shit. In March 2011 I bought a motorbike. I kept meaning to write a post […]

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ADHD squirrels are not to be trusted with important information
fuck eyeliner
guilt and innocence
This article is totally filler

On how an eyeliner pencil nearly ruined my life

It’s crazy how the smallest thing could potentially ruin your life, isn’t it? Like a tiny mistake that costs you your job or a fall that breaks your hand and ends your career as a professional fluffer. I recently bought a car. My better half was starting a new job and we needed two cars […]

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