Month: February 2011

An open letter
learn to drive

An open letter to the cock on the motorway

Dear Cock, I was behind you tonight on the M6. It was pitch black and out in the middle of nowhere, with a light rain falling.Ahead of me was an expanse of road and darkness, dotted with various auto mobiles, including you.I was driving along at some miles an hour, in the inside lane, where […]

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On Prohibition

It has been proven time and time again that Prohibition does not work. Yet for some reason it continues on, regardless. The Alcohol Prohibition in America (1920-1933) basically created what we now think of as ‘Organised Crime’. Al Capone made a fortune, smuggling alcohol in to supply speakeasies which he owned.The crime syndicates and structures […]

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angry badger

On Crime And Punishment

Recently, me and the missus have been watching a lot of Traffic Cops and similar such shows. There are few things quite as satisfying as watching some mouthy little fuck get himself arrested. The problem is that the Police often can’t charge the little bastards, or at least not with anything major. It’s usually a […]

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