The Future Of This Blog: What do YOU want? Do you even give a shit?

In before tl;dr.

As I am sure you have noticed, I have failed to post anything to this blog in quite a while, other than occasionally changing the site news to update you on the fact that I have not been posting anything, as if you couldn’t work it out for yourselves.

This abundant failure to post stems from: a) My intensely idle nature and b) the fact that I am trying to think up list-based humour that will appeal to audiences in general.

I suffer from a terminal case of being English and, therefore, any of you folks who aren’t British (which Google Analytics tells me is a lot of you) will probably not get a lot of the things that I consider writing about in this blog as my perspective and references are generally of a British nature and there is no real reason for you to understand references that come from a tiny, piss-pot island somewhere near Europe.

With that in mind, I am thinking of changing things up a little.
Now, I can’t draw for shit and if I tried it would be embarrassing so having a hilarious, illustrated blog is out.
What I can do is rant. And I mean I can fucking rant! If ranting was an Olympic sport, I could represent the UK and we would actually win a medal for once.
The title of this blog is Fulminations Without Foundations which is just a fancy way to say Rants Without Reason.

So, would you prefer to have one post per Ice Age, which is roughly how often I can think of something I reckon everyone will appreciate, or would you prefer regular updates that basically consist of me ranting about shit that’s pissing me right the fuck off?
Seriously, something makes me rage pretty much every day and I tend to be at my funniest when I’m pissed off*.

I have placed a poll at the top of the blog, under the site news. I would be very grateful if you could take two seconds to answer it. You never know… You could win an iPad**.

Thank you in advance. I will run this poll for as long as I deem necessary, or until it gives me the answer I want… Whichever comes first.

P.S. Not all my posts will be rants. There will still be the odd post about ways nature wishes to kill you, animals and other such random shit.
To be honest, I can never be quite sure what my brain will come out with.
Fuckers got a mind of it’s own!

*Results may vary

**You will not win an iPad.

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