Year: 2010


Why we should all be supporting Julian Assange

Source. If you don’t know who Julian Assange is then you haven’t been paying attention to the Internet or the News.Julian Assange is the founder of Wikileaks and right now the USA would rather spend their time trying to prosecute him than any major terrorist. What is his crime?He’s telling the US Government’s dirty little […]

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On The Stupidest Parcel I Have Ever Received

I know I’m supposed to be on hiatus and I totally still am but this was too stupid an occurrence for me to not post about it. The story goes like this: I ordered somebody a Christmas present from then received a letter a few days later telling me it was out of stock […]

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FwF is on Hiatus

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve not been writing recently. I feel like I’m stuck in kind of a rut. I just seem to be enveloped in a cloak of apathy most of the time and that doesn’t exactly make for funny posts. So I’ve decided to put FwF on hiatus for a bit to […]

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In Memoriam

Today I’m saying goodbye to my Granddad. It’s strange how you can not see someone for years and then miss them so much when you realise you will never see them again.You also realise how little you really knew them. I know so little about him. I know he was a Veteran of WWII, where […]

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Evil Cow
Shaggy Dog Story
Tractor Fan

Jim the Tractor Fan

Jim loved Tractors.Like, really loved Tractors. Imagine the thing you love the most and how much you love it. Got it? Jim totally loved Tractors at least 5 times more than that. It all started when he was a young child. When he was no more than an infant he saw a large Tractor rolling […]

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This article is totally filler
Walkers Salt and Shake

On Disappointment

I am a creature of habit.I have my little rituals and I don’t like them to be fucked about with.This is partly from necessity; I will forget to do things if I don’t do them out of habit. I have a memory like a really shitty sieve. A sieve that’s had a really fucking hard […]

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greasy lawyers
Helath and Safety

On Health and Safety

One day Common Sense was walking down the road, minding his own business, maybe thinking about what he was going to have for dinner when WHAM! He’s down and bleeding, head split open from ear to ear. He rolls onto his back and looks into the face of his assailants and there, standing over him, […]

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Shaggy Dog Story
The Noise

The Tale Of The Noise

There was once a high powered banker who became disillusioned with the cash-hungry, soul-sapping world he was living in. He decided he wanted to get away from it all and return to his real passion: Art. So, one day he quit his job, pulled his dusty painting paraphernalia out of the attic and set out […]

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Political Correctness

On Censorship and Political Correctness

Censorship and Political Correctness are invading all our lives. They’re everywhere and have now gone so far beyond the realms of sanity that they have ceased to be useful and have actually started to offend a lot of people. Ironic, eh? It has got to the point now where they force kids in school to […]

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creative swearing
supermarket revolution

On Revolutionising Supermarkets

The Supermarket.A place where you can buy just about anything from food to clothes to electronics.It’s also a place where you get all manner of people; most of them rude. I really fucking hate the Supermarket. It’s always full of people and I don’t really like people, especially when they’re apparently oblivious to the fact […]

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