What if all the computers died?

This is something I was thinking about the other night and I realised that if all the computers died we would be fucked!
Forget how or why, just imagine IF.

What if all the computers in the whole world just stopped tomorrow? For a start you wouldn’t be able to waste time at work reading articles like this, but then again you probably wont have a job anymore anyway. Everyone and everything now needs computers.

-Dear Mother, Big city computing job going well. Please send money.

Think about it. Try and think of one business, institution or utility that doesn’t rely on computers to keep them running. You can’t, can you?

All the banks would collapse and, of course, as most of the money lives in computers now all that would be gone, too.
Assuming this mystery computer blight also killed the computers that keep your car running and on the road we could expect a lot of this:

Forget about your phone. It doesn’t work. Planes are gonna fall out of the sky. The whole civilised world is going to collapse. And do you know what really sucks? You wont be able to watch people being retarded on YouTube!

This is all we’ll have left!
Just something to think about…

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