The rock that ended the world (in the future).

I am fascinated by nature. All nature amazes me. The sheer power of Nature and the devastation it can cause, leave me in awe. Sure, man created the Atomic bomb and it can wipe cities off the map in one go, but nature has the power to devastate whole countries if it takes her fancy.

In what will probable be a series of ways nature is trying to kill you and your loved ones, I would like to introduce you to The Cumbre Vieja Volcano.

It wants to kill you!

How it intends to kill you:

This active volcano covers the southern third of Isla de La Palma in the Canary Islands. It last erupted in 1971 and when it did it loosened a chunk of rock roughly 500 km3 in size and roughly 1.5 x 1015 kg in weight (or “Fucking Big And Heavy”).
Should a future eruption cause this chunk of the island to slide into the Atlantic the result would be a “Mega Tsunami” which would make the tsunami that devastated parts of Asia recently seem like an eddy in a paddling pool. That Tsunami topped out at around 30 meters tall when it hit the coast.
The Mega-tsunami Cumbre Vieja could cause would be more like 2 km (1 mile) high and would travel at an approximate speed of around 1000 km per hour (621 miles per hour) or roughly the speed of a jet fighter.

Like this. And it’s coming for YOU!

It would hit Africa in around 1 hour then South West England in about 3 and a half hours, causing massive destruction.
At around 6 hours it would utterly decimate the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. By that time it would have become a succession of smaller waves, each one the size of the tsunami in Asia and possible surges up to 100 meters tall. Everything up to 25 miles in land would be totally fucked, including Miami, New York and Washington.

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2 thoughts on “The rock that ended the world (in the future).

  1. This is very interesting but, happily, it seems it will happen in geological rather than historical time so I wouldn’t cancel a holiday in The Canaries. Checked out your sources and others. Don’t know how to add an Internet link yet- you can show me at weekend- but the authors of the report have been accused of sensationalism and working for an insurance company. Still, that was on a Spanish website whose authors could also have a vested interest.
    It read well and I liked the piccies.
    Keep on writing!

  2. Those weren’t my only sources. I linked the Wiki page just because it’s easier. I already had all the info on this from a previous project.
    Also, adding HTML links is probably a little beyond your computing abilities! 🙂
    Also, it could happen at any time. This is an active volcano and has had local quakes without eruptions. An eruption, even a small one, could send this whole thing into the sea and it could happen tomorrow.

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