Year: 2009

i like smoking so fuck off
its a disease
obesity is not a disease

Smoking: It’s a disease!

OK, I’m going to say this now and get it out of the way: Obesity is NOT a disease.It isn’t! Endlessly stuffing pies into your face is not a disease! NOT a disease!It’s an addiction. An addiction to having a mouth full of cake.But say you actually believe it IS a disease… They class alcoholism […]

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A Musical Travesty: When singing contests go wrong.

Author’s Note: Please don’t think any less of me for this article! Just needed to get it off my chest. Back to the usual shit soon. I’m sure that most of you don’t watch The X-Factor. I’m sure most of you have far better things to do on a Saturday night than sit and watch […]

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Road Rage
This article is totally filler

Things that cause me Road Rage

Road Rage. At some time, all of us certified automobile operators have had to deal with it. It’s a powerful force with a higher than average ability to make you scream obscenities at old women whilst simultaneously giving them the bird. Why there isn’t a section covering proper middle finger/obscenity usage in the Highway Code, […]

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Robot Apocalypse
Science is a dick

5 New leaps in Robot Terror

What the fuck is Science’s problem? Seriously, do they never get bored of trying to create a robot Apocalypse? I’ve already written about their attempts to create the T-1000 terminator and now here’s 5 more advances in robotics that will probably inspire you to have a large Electro-Magnetic Pulse generator installed in your house! #5 […]

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Garage Band
Root of All Evil

Root Of All Evil (Song)

This is a song I recorded on Garage Band a little while ago. It was supposed to just be a demo that I was gonna re-record on Protools but instead I’ve made a video type thing out of it.Enjoy! All pictures sourced using Google Images. If feel you own the copyrite for an image, please […]

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Computers hate you just as much as nature
Robot Apocalypse

DARPA works to create T-1000, Robot Apocolypse.

It would seem that the likes of DARPA just cant get enough of tempting fate! They’ve already created a computer system called Skynet, responsible for the control of Automated Flying Killbots, called Reapers, and now this. Now, I know that doesn’t look like much but what it is, is the first step in the Pentagon’s […]

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Anti Terror
Fascist Democracy
Great Britain
illegal imprisonment
Jacqui Smith is a hell bitch

Great Britain: A Fascist Democracy

The UK is going to hell in a handcart.We have more CCTV than any other country, a government intent on knowing what we say, who we say it to, when and why, illegal imprisonment under the guise of terrorism and innocent people being dragged from their homes and interrogated.This is the woman heading the charge. […]

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Computers hate you just as much as nature
This article is totally filler
what if all the computers died

What if all the computers died?

This is something I was thinking about the other night and I realised that if all the computers died we would be fucked!Forget how or why, just imagine IF. What if all the computers in the whole world just stopped tomorrow? For a start you wouldn’t be able to waste time at work reading articles […]

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Amazing feats
Cirque De Soleil
When I grow up Im going to run off and join the circus

Amazing feats: The Circus is in town!

So, last Sunday I went to see Cirque De Soleil, or more specifically Quidam, and it was truly the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life! The skill and huge brass balls required to perform the acts they do are awe inspiring, so in honour of that I thought I’d do […]

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Fuck the sea and rivers Im going to the pool
Living fossils
Nature hates you

5 ‘Dinosaurs’ that are still alive and kickin

It is a commonly held belief that Dinosaurs died out around 65 Million years ago. This belief is wrong. OK, I’ll grant you that T-Rex is no longer roaming the plains and there isn’t likely to be a Dipolodocus eating your hedges when you get home, but I assure you that there are still plenty […]

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